Warlord missions Guide to State of Decay 2 - how to execute (passage guide)

Be sure to read our other Gayds State of Decay 2 to obtain additional information about the game. Proe how you chose a leader, you will find that there are 4 different types of leaders with your own side missions. The military leader is only one of these types, and the missions for him can be especially complicated. For this reason, you will need this Chumination for the passage of Warlord missions in the state of decay 2.

Our Chumination for the passage of the Warlord missions in the state of decay 2 will lead you through all the pical missions of the military leader in State of Decay 2 step by step so that you can easily perform them.

Mission of the military leader State of Decay 2

As soon as you increase the survivor who has a good reputation in the community, to the leader’s position, you will see that there are 4 different types of leaders in the game.

Warlord will have their own special missions that will be based on weapons and armed forces. Let's continue and consider each of the Warlord missions one after another to find out how you can easily fulfill them.


Passing the Mission of the Commander

In total, you will need to fulfill 9 missions of the commander, starting with the weapon for all.

  • Weapons for all
  • War for the territory
  • Notification of eviction
  • Military superiority
  • Destroy the plague heart
  • A new beginning
  • Personal dead zone
  • Break the coalition

Weapons for everyone

This will be the first mission available to you. You will need to collect information about the weapon reserves from the Wanderer. He will tell you about the old Sarai Ricky, in which many weapons are stored. Get to the location and fight your neighbors to get information.

You must talk to your neighbors inside the barn to get information. If you cannot resist them, you will still complete the mission. Having killed everyone and having received weapons, you will also complete the mission.

War for the territory

This is the second mission that you will fulfill after the completion of the weapon for all. Talk to the wanderer about the bodies, and then go to the spoon and cone to explore them. Then find the survivors and follow them in the market.

There are several ways to do this, but first you will have to kill all the zombies, and then talk to the lady.

You can kill everyone, you can ask them to leave this place, or you can recruit them.

Notification of eviction

Kill the zombie at the marker, and then follow the next marker. Get to the fuel truck on the north-eastern side and kill the zombies before talking to Charles.

You can choose Charles so that it turns into enemies, or all local residents. Kill Charles, and then declare the tanker with an openpost, choosing the first option.

Military superiority

When you are informed about theProtection of Avvanpost_, go to the location and use your car to destroy all the zombies. Talk to a person to recruit him, and then install the advanpost.

Destroy the plague heart

To get the next mission, use your radio to get a plague heart_ and carry your explosives to it to distract the zombies.

Continue to distract the zombies (Bumbox is a good option), and then destroy the plague heart. As soon as he falls, collect the plague samples. The next mission will be inaccessible until you find a plague heart.

A new beginning

Talk to the first two participants you will meet upon returning to the community. One of them is located right behind the door sitting on the ground. The wanderer behind the gate will tell you about the attack on the community, after which you can recruit it.

Then go to the old house and kill the zombies before finding the conspirators. Enter the house to kill the survivors, after which the next mission will begin.


After the completion of the new beginning you are ready for this. To start a mission, you need to talk with a visitor going out of the gate. You will be informed about the attack on the community.

Return it to your group and proceed to fulfill the mission. Find the coalition conspirators after the murder of several zombies. Kill the surviving criminals to finish the mission.

Personal dead zone

In this mission, you will explore the surroundings and attract your neighbors to your side. Explore 4 areas, killing zombies and then looking for survivors. Protect all 4 areas to finish the mission and start the latter.

You can just follow markers for this.

Break the coalition

This is the last mission of the Warlord quest. Take 3 participants to the new area and create a new community. As soon as the quest is launched, go to the member of the coalition at the marker and kill 2 to talk to the latter.

He or she will inform you of the whereabouts of the domary base of the coalition. Remove 4 people therewith the use of long-range weapons_. Finally, enter the Coalition base to complete the missions.

_The is all that we have for our State of Decay 2 Warlord missions guidance. Let us know if we missed something using the comment section below! _