After the start of Splatoon 3 service, continue updating for two years! Is the paid DLC silhouette Tentacles ...?

Nintendo has released the latest information on the Nintendo switch shooter action Splatoon 3 at Splatoon 3 Direct distributed on August 10.

The distribution also mentions the update after the release. Splatoon 3 will be distributed every three months after the start of the service. This work has a locker room that decorates your own buki and gear as you like, the nameplate, and customization elements that change the after-victory emotion, and these are expanding variations by obtaining catalogs.

A new buki will be added at the same time as the catalog is distributed. In addition, if you reach a very high Udemae with a bunka match, the X Match, which can participate, and the League Match, in which groups compete for the results of the Bankara Match every two hours, will be added in future updates.

And large paid additional content is also refrained. The silhouette on the screen looks like Tentacles that appeared in the previous work Splatoon 2, but...! ?


Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9, 2022. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included) for the package version, and 6,500 yen (tax included) for the download version. In addition, it has also been decided to hold a eve festival where this work can be played before the release date.


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