APEX LEGENDS new season has been reported on a series of reports such as Ability Abekobe Bug and Aim Assist are strange

Electronic Arts has distributed the season 14 Hanted of Apex Legends developed by Respown Entertainment. However, various problems and phenomena have been reported.

In this season, the new legend, Vantage, will participate. It is a powerful legend to read enemy information and move quickly using a buddy bat. In addition, the oldest map, King Scanion, has been updated, such as changing the name and name and reviving. Other adjustments for weapons and legends are being implemented, so please see the past article for details.


However, with the start of the new season, various problems and strange phenomena have been reported. One of the phenomena reported in Reddit etc. is that the legendary ability becomes a bit of a kid. This phenomenon is a strange problem that a new castle activates decoy like a mirage, or a phenomenon of a course fly like a Valkyrie.

There is also a report on Twitter that Aim Assist is strange. There is a theory that the PC and the console version of the Aim Assist settings have been replaced, and users who use the controller in the PC version are advantageous. Many users are confused about these phenomena, and some seem to have developed a fierce discussion of controllers and keyboard mice.

The chaotic APEX LEGENDS new season Hanted is currently being distributed. The abilities Abekobe phenomenon has been reported as a known problem at present.


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