Detectives can solve the incident in physics. ADV+Fighting ACT BROK THE INVESTIGATOR Cyber Near the Future Detective Story is outstanding! [Explosion Repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don't know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report * to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver raw contents about BROK THE INVESTIGATOR/Detective Brook and Secret request released from COWCAT on August 27, 2022 for PC (Steam/ I think.


Set in a near-future cyber city, a former boxer and private detective crocodile brok is an adventure game. The feature is that the reasoning adventure and the elements of the action game are fused, and the road that reaches the solution of the case is wisdom or power (violence).

The stage of the stage is devastated by environmental pollution, divided into safe dome cities and dangerous slums, and strict security by robots. The protagonist, Brok, once lived in the dome, but now lives in a slum apartment with his deceased wife's child, Gruff.

Her wife, Lear, has lost her life in a certain incident, but Broku has not yet been able to understand the truth and has not been told to Graf. In the game, various elements, such as work from various client people, environments surrounding parents and children, and incidents that are occurring in cities, are greatly involved in Brok parents.

The game system called reasoning adventure and action game is a very unique one that expands game options. In addition, the scenario as an adventure game is good, and the characters that take a friendly detective Broku and him are very attractive.

Approach the actual content of BROK THE INVESTIGATOR!

The game begins at the beginning with a scene where Broku is wrapped in a fire in the house. Apparently, there seems to be an unknown fire, and the tutorial of the basic operation is performed until trying to escape to the outside of the house. The adventure part is a point click type, and the character automatically examines by specifying location and objects.

First of all, you have to deal with the fire in front of the door to escape from the bedroom. I search for a room and escape before burning the blanket I found on the fire, but it doesn't open if the door is broken. Therefore, you will learn how to capture with power to forcibly break through.

In the game, you can switch to action mode and adventure mode at any time. In action mode, actions such as punch, dash, and jumps are possible, and the feeling is close to the operation of a belt scrolling action. The goal is finally learning to break the door with a punch, then fight with the robot that attacks (?) And jump over obstacles by jumping.

In the last room, my wife and rear are sandwiched between furniture. Broku tries to help immediately, but he can't help his beloved wife and keep being blamed... This nightmare seems to be related to the case that lost Brok's wife.

When I woke up, it seems that I have received a job request on my mobile ph1. We exchanged some conversations with the grafs that had already happened, and today's Brok's detective business began.

Collect ## information and solve the case!

The first request in the game is to find a gun that police officer Shin has lost in the Dome city. However, Broku has no right to enter the dome at the start of the game, so it is necessary to first find a way to enter the dome city.

In the reasoning part, it is necessary to find a clue to solve the request. Close clues are automatically recorded by listening to people and investigating suspicious places. There are buttons to be displayed in the game, so let's look at them in various ways.

Also, when listening to people, new information will appear by listening repeatedly (new stories can be determined by color) or showing items. Depending on the item, you may be able to obtain useful items that are useful for investigation and battle. Also, if you find something new, it is important to show it to a friend of your acquaintance or device.

In addition, as the game progresses, the grafs will be able to operate, and you will be able to proceed with the story while switching to Broku. Gruff is a student who has achieved excellent results in studying and aims to be a dome citizen. Various events that Grafs experience will be greatly involved in the story.

There are many types of mysteries and mini-games, and some of them are quite difficult from the beginning. As a rescue device, you can get hints by collecting three advertising coupons hidden in the map, so consider using it if you are worried.

And this game can solve some mysteries with the unique method of this work.

If you are in trouble, it is also a detective business to push through with force (?)

As already explained, this work can switch adventure and action mode. The action can be used in the detective part. For example, how do you deal with a robot that hinders the path you want to enter for the investigation?

As a general option, observing the surroundings and finding how to get the opponent is the most smart solution. But if you want a more quick solution, you can choose a method that says break and break through the robot.

If you gain experience in battle, you can level up and increase your physical strength, attack power, and special moves, so you will be able to fight easily. However, be aware that the play that relies on violence basically fights many enemies. There are some recovery means, but it costs money.

Of course, the detective part is basically a smart way without interpersonal or robot violence (battle), so don't worry if you don't want to be violent. That said, there are also unavoidable battles and action scenes in the story. Even if you are not good at action, you can choose the option to lower the difficulty or purchase item if the game is over several times.

Of course, you can also switch to an action mode. It is also possible to gain experiences for combat through VR missions that can be played in the game. Depending on the level, it is the real pleasure of this work to be able to proceed with the story with a fairly unreasonable play.

Let's enjoy the world view! Abundant side quests

The biggest attraction of BROK THE INVESTIGATOR is the high degree of perfection of the character as human-like detective . Broku is a strong man who has a strong arm, but he is worried whether he is well communicated with his son-in-law. When he finds an old man with no medicine and is in trouble, or a robot at a loss, he just lends his hand.

Many side missions will appear in the game, probably because of such a good friend. There is no problem if you do not do the side mission, but I want you to try it to enjoy the world view. As a result of not being successful, the character may be gone...

The surrounding characters surrounding Broku are also very attractive. Not only important characters involved in the story, such as the childhood friend and a little extreme scientist, Shay, will also excite the story with voices, from the client and a small NPC.

Also pay attention to the parent-child relationship between Brok and Graff. He is always awkward and sometimes fights, but I feel that it is definitely connected between each other. In this work, which can be switched between parents and children, it seems that this is also a wonderful family story by looking at each other's positions and ideas.

BROK THE INVESTIGATOR/Detective Broku and Secret Request which we have introduced so far. The very attractive characters, the worldview, the mystery of the difficult difficulty, and the action game characteristics that greatly increase the game options are fused well. Not only can you do it, but it's also a nice part of the incident and reasoning as an adventure game.

I basically play with a play style that does not rely on violence, but if I get too stuck in the investigation, I sometimes think, Oh, I'll hit it anymore...! I think that it is a unique way of enjoying this work because you can choose a free play style, choosing your own way of life (& graph) as much as possible. By the way, you can go back to the previous chapter and start over.

In the trial version BROK THE INVESTIGATOR-PROLOGUE, you can play Chapter 1 of the game. You may want to touch this first and try the play feeling of this work.

BROK THE INVESTIGATOR/Detective Brook and Secret Request is being distributed to PC (Steam/

Title: BROK THE INVESTIGATOR/Detective Broku and secret request


Compatible models: Play model in the article: PC (Steam/ Release date: August 27, 2022 Author play time at the time of writing: 8 hours Price: 1,999 yen


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