How to get gold in multiversus

Gold is one of the two main currencies that you can get in Multiversus. Unlike Gleamium, you can get gold, just playing the game. If you are not going to spend real money, then this is a guide for you. This leadership will give all the information on how to quickly earn gold in Multiversus.

How to quickly earn gold in multiversus

Making gold is necessary to buy the best characters that you want to play in the game, or to teach skills that you can use in battles with enemies. There are many ways to earn gold daily.

do daily tasks

Performing daily missions rewards you with gold, which you can accumulate and buy a character from your choice. For example, for the first victory per day you get 100 gold.


progressive combat pass

In combat passing there are certain levels that will reward you with gold. There is no need to buy a military pass for Gleamium, as there is also a free pass that will reward you with gold.

Improving the level of characters

Think about your characters as investments that will later return 100 gold after you increase the level to 5. You just need to play with the character you have unlocked and grind his secondary passage.

game with friends

You can play with your friends, which increases the total amount of gold received by 30 percent after each game. This can be a slight increase, but it increases with each game that you played in Multiversus, giving you some income if you play for a long period of time.

Tosty system

Finally, there is a toast system. Perhaps you received several toasts at some point in the game, either increasing the level of your characters, moving on a combat pass, or just entering the game that will give you 5 toasts daily for free. You can give a tip to your friend, who will give additional 20 gold for each game. You can also give tips to a completely random player just for pleasure.