This is how Capcom celebrated the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter

It was on August 30, 1987 when Capcom gave us what would eventually become one of the best fighting play franchises of all time. We refer to Street Fighter . In this way, The Japanese company has given rise to the celebration for the 35th anniversary of the series with a special web page.

Currently, you can enter the official site of the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter, where it is possible to know a little more about the history of this franchise, see a couple of special illustrations, and more . However, what most attracts attention is a series of interviews with Hideaki ITSUNO and Takayuki Nakayama, as well as other producers and voice actors.

Although there are not many details for the moment, it is likely that Capcom has more surprises designed for the 35th anniversary of the series. Similarly, We remind you that the company will have a special presentation on street Fighter 6 during Tokyo Game Show 2022 , where more details about the new installment in the series will be announced. On related issues, here you can see the new street fighter 6. GamePlay, in the same way, two more characters join the next installment in the series.

Editor's note:

Street Street Fighter is one of the most iconic series throughout the video game industry. Although it is very likely that the new delivery is the celebration by Capcom, I hope that the company gives us something else in the coming weeks.


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