Neptune-Kakao Games-Color Bus, Meta Bus Cooperation MOU

Neptune-Kakao Games-Color Bus 3 has signed a business agreement (YOU) for the meta bus business cooperation.

Through this agreement, Aka Games will use the open 3D meta bus platform 'Color Bus' to secure IP (Intellectual Property), such as games and characters to be implemented as a meta bus space. Color buses are in charge of developing meta bus services, operating and maintenance of meths services using the secured IP, while Neptune plays the role of co-planning and production of metals services, business and sales support.

If a specific game world is implemented within the open 3D meta bus platform 'Color Bus', it can be connected to the game world in the color bus without installing or membership in the mobile and web environment such as the homepage or SNS channel. It will be d1. In addition, you can use the characters in the game to make avatars, hold events related to games, and release video.

The number of game worlds implemented is another content that color bus visitors can enjoy, and at the same time, it works as a new branding channel for the game service provider. The community between users who gathered with the interest of the game can also be formed naturally. The color bus allows you to realize a meta bus space that fits the identity of each game IP and provide a variety of user experiences that can enhance users' intimacy with the game.

The open 3D meta bus platform 'Color Bus' is being developed in the first quarter of next year, aiming for CBT (Closed Beta Test) and the OBT (Open Beta Test) in the third quarter of next year.

Omnibus Meanwhile, Neptune and Color Bus signed a business agreement with Aka Entertainment earlier this month, and will seek a variety of cooperation plans to link the webtoons, web fiction and K-pop IP (Intellectual Property) held by Aka Entertainment. I have done it.

Neptune owns a 44%stake in color bus through its equity investment in October 2021.