The PS5 new model (minor change) reports that a new processor is adopted. Is it a stepping stone to increase production?

The CFI-1200 series, a new minor change model of the PlayStation 5 main unit, has been shipped to the market from the other day. In the series, verification reported that weight reduction and power consumption were reduced. This time, it has been reported that the heart of the heart has been changed to a 6 nm process. Overseas media Astronomic reports.


The CFI-1200 series is a new minor change model of PS5, which was launched this month. Regarding changes from the old model, Austin Evans of Tech-based YouTuber quickly dismantled. He's reportedly reducing the weight of 200g to 300g, changes in the heat sink structure, and reducing power consumption (related articles).

According to the overseas tech media Angstroms, the PS5 for the model number CFI-1202 is renewed. It is said that his new SoC called AMD Oberon Plus has been adopted. SOC (System-on-A-chip) is a processor that combines the processing functions required for devices such as GPU and CPU. And the previous PS5 used AMD Oberon SoC. It is the process rule that has changed as a new SoC.

The process rule is an index indicating the processing dimensions of the integrated circuit such as CPU, and the unit is indicated by NM (nanometer). Generally, the smaller the numerical value, the higher the amount of the processor tends to decrease the degree of accumulation of the processor. The old Oberon is manufactured in the 7 nm process. On the other hand, for the newly equipped Oberon Plus, the 6 nm process is adopted. It is likely that this difference has led to the reduction in power consumption described above.

In addition, as a merit of the miniaturization of process rules, the yield can be expected to be improved. Astronomic compares old and new Oberon SoC. The new model analyzes that about 20 % more chips can be produced from the wafer (raw material). In other words, by increasing the acquisition of chips, some contributions can be expected to increase the number of PS5 manufacturing units.

It would be quick to think that these reports would be firmly linked to the stock recovery of the shortage of PS5. However, the change in the CFI-1200 is large, despite the minor change, and it is certain that it is a stepping stone for further increasing production. I would like to see how the distribution will change in the future with the renewal of the PS5's heart.


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