How to play a rat in Overwatch 2 - abilities and tips

Rat Road-an expert for demolition in Overwatch 2, armed with several mines and grenades. He succeeds in the control of the crowd, launching explosives into the accumulation of enemies and causing huge damage. With the advent of Overwatch 2, the rat-rag underwent several mechanical changes, slightly changing his play style. Here's how to play a rat in Overwatch 2.

Hyde Hero Rat watch for Overwatch 2

What is the role of a rat in the team?

Rat is a character that causes damage, which gives him a short buff to the movement and the reload speed after destruction. Its role in the team is to punish the grouped enemies with a constant stream of bombs. Its strengths are high mobility and constant damage. Rat is especially effective against shields, as its shells have high rate of fire and can quickly deplete the health of the shield. The shells of his grenade launcher bounce off the walls and explode shortly after that, unless they fall directly into the enemy. These bombs also cause damage in the area, increasing their potential for control of the crowd.

What is the difference between a rat in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, the size of the bombs from the rat grenade launcher increased from 0.2 to 0.25. This facilitates the hit of the shells, and also makes it damage more gentle. The damage to the steel trap of the rat’s increased from 80 to 100, and the speed of its deployment increased from 10 to 15. As a universal passive skill of the hero inflicting damage, the rat now receives the speed of movement and reloading after destruction.

Rat Races listed

Here are the ability of the rat, as well as their purpose in battle.

Breeding mine * * Throws a mine that causes damage and casts enemies. This mine does not explode immediately, but it can be blown up with an alternative fire button. Steel trap * Puts a trap that immobilizes enemies in contact. This trap is often used with a deafening mine. Several players unfold the trap, place a deafening mine on it, and then blow it up when the enemy becomes immobilized. Total lawlessness (passive effect) * Rat shells do not inflict damage to themselves. When you die, you drop several bombs to the place of your death. Role: Damage (passive) * * Eliminating give the rat acceleration of movement and reloading speed. This passive is universal for all heroes of damage. rip-tire (ultimate) * * Control an exploding tire that can climb the walls and explode on command. If you does not blow up the tire in advance, it will explode when time expires. * Rip-Tire is most effective when using enemies in the accumulation of enemies, since it inflicts enough damage to instantly destroy most of the heroes. Opponents can destroy it, so be unpredictable in the movements of the tire.


Tips and Cunning of rats

Having played in a rat for a long time, you will learn several gameplay techniques. Here are some tips for new rat players.

  • Since your deafening mines do not inflict damage to themselves, they can be used as a stunt with mobility. If you place a mine under your feet and blow it up, she will throw you into the air, which can be repeated in the air.
  • When using a rat-rated rat, experiment with the concept of ricochet. Instead of shooting directly at the enemy team, try to shoot at the nearest wall to make shells more unpredictable. It can also be used in narrow places to create an entrance terrible and filled with bombs.
  • If you shoot from a grenade launcher in the same area every time, your shells will become predictable, and it will be easy to dodge them. Try to launch bombs at different heights and in different directions. It will also make it difficult for enemies to predict where you are.
  • Your deafening mines has a surprisingly large range, so do not be afraid to aim at a goal at a great distance. When you shoot at a long-range mine, remember gravity and aiming higher than usual.

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