Overwatch 2, on the first day of the opening, the server runaway with DDoS attack

There is a different interest in Overwatch 2. If you see a queue that you can't see in the first episode, you can see the DDoS attack.

Overwatch 2 started its service at 3 am (domestic time) on the 5th. But immediately after the launch, I couldn't enjoy Overwatch 2 except the people who connected to the game. Immediately after the launch, it was attacked, and at the same time, the server was also runawayed and the users who could not be connected continued.


Michael ISARA Blizzard Entertainment said that after the release of Overwatch 2, the Overwatch 2 server is under massive DDoS attack on his Twitter, which has continued to be disconnected in the game. Since the user is the time to launch, it is necessary to expand the server quickly accordingly, but it was not because of the DDoS attack. The team is working hard to alleviate and manage it, he said.

Overwatch 2 can be enjoyed by PC (Battle.net) and Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. It will be announced later on whether to solve the DDoS attack and server runaway problems.


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