Robot Cafe Bit X Sagong Lee Ho, a `` subtle '' NFT worth 100,000 won

Canal's food tech company Bit Corporation 'B; EAT' is a meta bus entertainment company led by composer Kim Byung-soo, along with Too Nine, a commemorative release of K-pop character Band Sarong Lee Ho's new song 'Mission' NFT It was announced on the 19th that it will hold a payment event.

'Sarong Who', a K-Pop character band from the commando, received fans' response from the debut song 'Wake Up' released in June, and the second new song 'Circus The' on the 11th of this month. 'I started release. The subtle is a cat race in the Di Promo Universe, a worldview centered on Sarong Who, and is a character with the ability to communicate with space life with telepathy. The subtle NFT, which is based on the subtle character, is trading at the price of about 100,000 won per opening at the global NFT market, which is the world's largest NFT market.

Robot Café Beat will hold a subtle NFT presentation event from 20 to 31 to commemorate the release of Sarong Who's new song 'Coursed'. Consumers who visit the robot café bit can take pictures and upload on Instagram by taking pictures to see the 'Circus Dad' related to the signage and kiosks in the bit store. Have. For more information, please visit the Robot Café Bit official Instagram page.


With a subtle NFT worth about 100,000 won, you can get a variety of benefits. You can also enjoy Sarong Lee Ho members' NFT pioneering tickets and Megabus. In addition, various benefits are also provided by the own community of subtle NFT.

Earlier, the Robot Café Beat and Ni-Ni Commando also held an event last month to pay three free Americano coupons to members of the Bit Mobile App for subtle NFT community members.


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