Steam Electronic Work Sim Retro Gadgets announced. Making a super -freedom MY gadget from design to programming

Developer Licorice and Studio Evil announced on September 29 the gadget-making sim, Retro Gadgets . The compatible platform is PC (Steam), which is scheduled to be distributed early. In addition, a trial version will be distributed at the Steam Next Festival held from October 3rd.

Retro Gadgets is an electronic device creation simulation. On the store page, it is described as a gadget creation station. In this work, it seems that players can enjoy electronic work with extremely high degree of freedom. As an example of the production process, the shape of the foundation is first determined, and parts such as buttons, switch speakers, and LEDs are placed. It seems that the functions can be implemented by arranging CPUs and audio video chips. From trailers, you can see how each part can be placed freely by players using a soldering. It seems that you can make gadgets from Game Boy-style devices to frogs and human-like shapes.

And, like hard work, it seems that the software can be created freely. This work includes the development environment of the programming language LUA. The actual programming environment is in place in the game. The combination of the freedom of hardware and software is greatly expanding the possibility of making gadgets. You can even program games in the game. Examples of gadgets that can be made in this work include game consoles, drum machines, digital cameras, radio, and weather observation machines. Depending on the user's imagination, a variety of gadgets will be born.

In this work, the workbench and gadget parts are drawn in a tasteful style in pixel art. On gadget making, it seems to be particular about such visuals. The gadgets you made are carefully painted, make a sticker with your favorite pattern, and petard. In addition, you can adjust the design aspect. In addition, the gadgets they made are shared with players around the world. And gadgets can also take out outside the game. It seems that the gadgets made and obtained can be placed on the PC desktop. You can always keep the gadget made with affection at hand, even though it is electronic. For users who like making things, it is likely to be a drooling work.

It seems that two studios are working on the development of this work. Licorice based in Iceland and Studio Evil based in Italy. Regarding Studio Evil, it has been released in the past, SUPER CANE Magic Zero-Legend of the Cane. In the Steam user review, the work has been evaluated for the very popular status, which is popular with 91 % of about 300 reviews. Licorice EHF, on the other hand, is a studio by individual developers Marco Pancake. He is an experienced developer in the past, including the development of the highly evaluated horizontal scroll Schedar KINGDOM. Pancake is currently developing a mechanical game PLASMA with another developer (related articles). Whether it is a coincidence or intentional, he seems to be working on a work that stimulates the spirit of things at the same time.

Retro Gadgets expects about one year as an early access distribution period. It is said that the contents of early access distribution are all basic functions such as gadget production, painting, and programming. It also seems to support the gadget sharing function for the community. Furthermore, it is expected to add content such as modules that can be used for gadgets for the official release. Furthermore, it will also be implemented to enable gadgets independently outside the game. And it is said that the price will be raised at the time of official release.


Retro Gadgets will be launched soon for PC (Steam). At the Steam Next Festival, which will be held from October 3, a demonstration version of this work will be distributed.


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