How to get a traveler's luggage key in Warzone 2 DMZ

In Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ there are several rooms and hiding places with prey that can only be unlocked with special keys. One of these hiding places with prey, the luggage of the traveler, is a sports bag located at Al Malik airport. You can get the key to this bag by completing the second mission of the Legion of Legion level 3 in the demilitarized zone.


How to get a traveler's luggage key in COD DMZ

The Dead Drop Faction mission requires you to visit the city of Asmara and put 20 deadly objects in a certain garbage tank-tank. Nine deadly shells are available in DMZ, including Frag Grenade, Drill Charge, Semtex and others shown in the first image. You need to collect 20 such items and throw them into the garbage tank in the lane near the Mariana hotel. The exact location of this cache is noted on the map and in the third picture.

Although you can collect lethal items in this area, there is a faster approach to this mission. Firstly, collect some money, preferably, having concluded a contract with safe nuclear material. This will give you enough money to buy a bigger backpack and several boxes with ammunition in the store. Now remove the deadly shells that you equipped and use the ammunition box to replenish the deadly score. Repeat this process until your backpack is full of deadly, and then place all the equipment in the specified cache.

where to find the luggage of a traveler in a demilitarized zone

After you are completing the Dead drop mission, you will automatically get the traveler’s luggage in your inventory. Put this key to your backpack, start the DMZ match and go to Al-Malik Airport, which is located in the southwestern part of the Eleazar. The location of the sports bag was noted on the map above. The easiest way to get to the baggage of the traveler is from the main entrance to the terminal (second image). Enter the terminal and climb the elevator to the first floor, where you will find a bag in the waiting area.

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