LOL: The most played champions in the history of the World Cups and the bestial record of Aatrox in 2022

Unless the teams agree to ignore it in the final, Matrix will be the character with the most presence in the World Championship of League of Legends . The character has appeared as a selection or banjo in all games of the final phase of the Worlds 2022 . An unfortunate feat that does not end up speaking positively about the balance of the video game and that had taken place six times throughout history. Zed (2013), Alistair (2014), Gangplank (2015), Middle (2016), Batista (2017) and Pantheon (2019) have been the only 'other characters' that have accumulated 100% presence throughout the tournament. However, none of its cases is so special.

Matrix returns after five years, a renown and ten nerfs

If accumulating 100% presence in the competitive League of Legends tournament is an exclusive challenge in itself, what will happen with Actor is the most difficult yet. The champion will become the first character in the history of the one who completes two world championships as a number one priority for the teams. He had done it in 2018, when he appeared at 76 of the 77 games played (98.7%). The champion only skipped the second game of the quarterfinals played between KT Roster and Invictus Gaming.

The three most played champions of all the world championships of League of Legends (only main event):

Worlds 2011 -NUN (96.4%), Alistair (89.3%) Rumble (82.1%) Worlds 2012 -Real (90.3%), Jayce (83.9%) Shen (77.4%) Worlds 2013 -ZED (100%), Shen (96.8%), Cork (93.7%) Worlds 2014 -Alistair (100%), Clean (96.2%), read Sin and Mackie (92.3%) Worlds 2015 -Gangplank (100%), Mordekaiser (98.6%), Elise (97.3%) Worlds 2016 -middle (100%), Sandra (97.4%), Olaf (76.6%) Worlds 2017 -Batista (100%), Segueing and Jar van (98.8%), Janna (95%) Worlds 2018 -Aron (98.7%), Alistair (97.4%), ARGOT (94.8%) Worlds 2019 -Pantheon (100%), Diana (90.8%), Ayah (85%) Worlds 2020 -Lucian (93.4%), serious (92.1%), Oran (90.8%) Worlds 2021 -lee Sin (98.8%), TF (96.4%), Yuri (96.4%) Worlds 2022 -Matrix (100%), Yuri (94.7%) Segueing (89.3%)

The curious thing about Matrix's domain is that, in the five years that have elapsed since dominated the 2018 Worlds with total authority, he has received all kinds of adjustments. They have been at least a dozen Nerfs, among which one stands out that reached the level of playable update in which its ability to revive was eliminated. For those who do not remember it, when their rework was launched, it could relive if it died during the R (World Ani-annihilator). After a few patches Riot put as a condition that had to end an enemy champion and finally ended up eliminating this mechanic.

In addition to these adjustments, other very hard nerfs were carried out for the champion . He lost the ability to heal with the subjects, the improvement of external cures (e.g. of Soraya or E of Yuri) of his definitive and his damage has barely increased from patch 8.13. Say improvements in their final that were compensated by eliminating the possibility of accumulating loads in their E (gloomy sliding) that could previously launch twice in just 3 seconds. Additionally, an improvement of attack damage was eliminated from this spell that came to reach 55 points (almost an object equivalent) in the second and a half after its activation.

In response to the situation, the truth is that it is easy to point out Matrix as one of the most problematic characters for the competitive legends. A hero who has returned five years later thanks to the great changes in the durability update. Besides, it does not seem to leave soon. In qualifying games it continues to perform at a good level and is a very safe option in almost any confrontation. Having become one of the most selected heroes by professionals, everything indicates that Riot Games will have to strive more If you want to prevent this from repeating the next season.


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