Mgame exceeds 1 million new 'Lua' pre -bookers

[ Moon Byung-soo] Game (CEO Won Leeching) announced on the 7th that pre-bookers of the mobile game LE ROI, which are about to be released on November 10, exceeded 1 million. This achievement was achieved in 20 days after the pre-booking began on the 19th of last month.

Lua is a hybrid game that combines a three-match puzzle combat system in the SLG genre, which develops his estate to create a legion and builds a strategy to grow into the strongest monarch through clan wars and server games.


Due to the nature of the SLG genre, you can enjoy content such as harvesting and producing resources, deploying troops, raising training bottles, and battles of monsters. You can build a variety of combat experiences.

Lee Senghor, head of the Game Business Strategy Office, said, Thank you very much for the 1 million users who participated in the pre-booking. In addition, We will do our best to showcase the game that will be satisfactory for users and domestic users who participated in the pre-booking.


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