[TECH] A world that creates a dual display as a monitor

Source of Data-ASROCK official site

If the office environment gets more familiar with the computer at home, the biggest thirst will come from the dual display. Gamers who have enough physical space are if you are in a PC environment like me, but the 32-inch monitor is only in a PC environment.

From this point of view, the product is really new, a display attached to the PC body. 'ASR OCK 13.3 SIDE PANEL KIT', introduced by ASR OCK, a PC parts company, is a display product that can be attached to the side of the PC body. The screen size provides a 16: 9 aspect ratio at 13.3 inches, an IPS panel at the FHD resolution and a 60Hz display.


It's great to see it so far, but unfortunately it's narrow in terms of compatibility. Since the connector is designed for mobile and embedded PC solutions, the connector cannot be used on a general standard desktop motherboard and graphics card.

Therefore, it can only be used for less than 10 products with EDP connectors handled by ASR OCK. Except for the H610-M-ITX/EDP and B650E PIT Wi-Fi models, all expensive motherboard models are expensive Z790 Steel Legends, Z790 Pro RS, Z790 PG Lightning, Z790M-ITX You can use the panel only on a few motherboards.

In addition, there is a laugh and sad review that the disadvantage of not being able to appreciate the RGB of my body that I have decorated abroad coexists.


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