Touhou Project official rhythm game Touhou Danmakkagura Fantasia Lost Cloud Funding has been reached 200%in 2 hours! Switch version development decision

Unknown X is a crowdfunding campaign held at CAMPFIRE for the official secondary creation rhythm game based on Thou Project based on Thou PROJECT. We announced that we have achieved %.

This work is a standalone version of Thou Danmakkagura (service ended on October 28, 2022) distributed for iOS/Android. It is not just a transplant version, but inherits the songs and illustrations of Thou Denmark Laura and has been developed as a rebuilding work in the new story.

The crowdfunding campaign starts at 18:00 on November 4, 2022, with the aim of expanding projects not only as a PC (Steam) but also to develop the Nintendo Switch version. The target was 15 million yen, but it was about 30 minutes to start, and it was over 200%in two hours.

With the achievement of this target, the development and release of the Nintendo Switch version have been decided. In addition, the contents of the stretch goal are currently under consideration.

Dankagu The crowdfunding campaign for Thou Danmakkagura Fantasia Lost is being held at CAMPFIRE until January 9, 2023.


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