Death Stranding Will Be A Movie

Death Stranding will adapt feature film. Deadline's exclusive advances that the project is financed by Hammer stone Studios, producer of films such Barbarian, who will collaborate with Kolyma Productions to make the jump from the video game to the cinema. I could not be more excited with this collaboration with Hammer stone Studios, Kolyma reveals in the publication of Deadline. This is a key moment for the franchise, and I am looking forward to doing it to carry Death Stranding to the big screen.

creative and artistic freedom by flag

Few details are known at the moment, although it h been revealed that the script will have additional narratives and in terms of characters, which will expand the Universe of Death Stranding already seen in its original launch. Of course, for the moment it h not transcended who will be responsible for writing it. Deadline points out that development h already begun at high speed.


We are excited, and we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with a brilliant icon like Video Kolyma for its first adaptation to the big screen, explains Alex Ebonics, confused of Hammer stone Studios. Contrary to other major adaptations with huge budgets, this will be much more intimate and earthly. Our goal is to redefine what could be an adaptation of a video game when you have creative and artistic freedom. This film will be a real production by Video Kolyma. It is being a month of December especially relevant to the Japanese director. The Game Awards 2022 w the scenario he chose to show the world his next project in the video game, which rumors pointed out w Death Stranding 2. His trailer is a real statement of intentions. The return of some key characters of the original and the symbology of some shots mark the path of a title that still h no relee date.


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