Interview: The Game Is Called Golden Record Retriever

In 2021, the pepper game studio, which officially launched the full-scale all-party operating simulation game 'Umbrella', unveiled its new work for the first time through Smile gate's Indie Game Festival 'Burning Beaver'. That's the Golden Record Retriever, which is the main character of the cute Golden Retriever.

This work, which is being developed as a genre of Doglike Deck Building, contains a unique story that the Golden Retriever 'River' saves the universe in danger after a big owner of a large accident. The game I experienced through the demo was very unfamiliar with the system of choosing an option by rolling the dice, but it was a strange charm that made the beast's heart equipped.

Indeed, the four developers of the pepper game studio had a time to talk with Kim Sea, who met at the Burning Beaver site.

I want to make a game that values our 'trivial story'

Q. After the official launch of the Umbrella Ban in 2021, we have released a new work for a long time. I wonder how the recent situation was.

= 'Umbrella Ban' has continued to add bug patches and content even after its official launch, and the next work development began in February this year. This year, it seemed to have been a year since I had a little break since its launch.

Q. I think it would have been different since the first release of the pepper game studio.

= Since the launch of the early access has been improved, the player's feedback has been improved. Rather than feeling beyond the big hurdles of 'official release', Let's release the official release now? I remember hesitating. Although it was a formal release, it didn't feel like a completely finished product, and I was able to do something at this point, but afterwards, the bug was fixed. For indie game developers, it was difficult to decide when it was the right time to formally launch.

On the contrary, there are more things I've learned since the launch. The structure of the steam or how the users deliver the feedback. At the first release, I don't feel overwhelming in community management or comments, but I have already experienced it, so I have confidence that I can do better next time. The next release will be relatively smooth.

Q. You released the new Golden Record Retriever through this burning beaver. What kind of game is it?

= 'Golden Record Retriever', as its name suggests, what would happen if the 'Golden Records', which contained the greetings of the earth people sent to space, caused problems throughout the universe? This game started from imagination. What if there are aliens who have become a zombie planet because of the viruses that have been buried in the record, or have died in the record itself? I started with imagination.

Eventually, the angry aliens arrived at Earth in search of humans who shot the record, and there was only the Golden Retriever River, where he had no human beings. The game is a game building that depicts the story of River, who is kidnapped by aliens and takes responsibility for the problems caused by the owner.

Q. When I played the demo, many alien colleagues appeared, but it was very different.

= Children who have set up a bit well from the beginning and those who have loved their loved ones gathered to save the universe. If you look at your colleagues' explanations, such as a retired soldier or a serious skin disease, you can't get along well with your surroundings. It might be a bit underdog, or I wanted to convey a feeling of adventure with friends like an outsider.

Q. Retriever's journey to recover Golden Records is fresh and interesting. I wonder when I started to think about the idea of the new work. I heard that you were in the 'Golden Record'.

= I started with the idea that the records in the Voyager would have been tens or tens of thousands, not one.

In fact, it can be space garbage in a record paper with greetings and aliens. It seems that a good story and topic could have been made if these records would have trouble all over the universe.

In November of last year, I had a workshop to bring an idea for the next work. At that time, one of the ideas was one of the ideas, and the paper prototype proceeded until December, and the topic changed a lot in the process. The game title in earnest was about January and February this year.

Q. It seems to be a prohibition of umbrellas, and this work is quite imaginative and there is a future. I wonder if this is a pepper game studio's identity.

= I think our team likes a bit of story rather than a dystopia (laughs). I express it as a 'soy drama', but there are always things that are always in the world. In some ways, the 'Umbrella Ban' is the story of the city where the last remaining humanity may collapse, but the actual gameplay is a small story that sells and sells things with facts. The Golden Records are also in the background that shakes the history of the universe, but the player wants to draw small and small things that recovers the gold records with these colleagues.


Even if the meteorite falls on Earth tomorrow, my resistant claws are not sick today. I think that resembles a lot of emotions that penetrate our game. Even in the surrounding situations, we aim to design the insignificant things that 'my' experiences, so that these stories can be seen.

Q. What is the most important thing I cared about while developing the new Golden Record Retriever?

= It is a game made by the basic mechanism that constitutes the game, so it is true that the dice design or the fun of the parts of the quest on the board is true. However, I think the core of the Golden Record Retriever we think is the part of the 'dice.'

If you actually play the game, the dice don't really speak. Then, if you don't expect it, I hope that these things that show something once will convey the feeling of adventure with a living colleague. I also think that these parts can be distinguished between a common Log Like Deck Building game and our game.

By combining multiple components, it is not to be cleared for clearing. We are developing and developing in terms of design so that we can feel the feeling of overcoming the given situation with various colleagues with individuality.

Q. When I sign up for a colleague, it seems to be a concern for the tutorial.

= We are also focusing on tutorials to make a game that is completed. In fact, all the demos introduced this time are all tutorial sections, and I have changed about four times to make the present form. Since it is a mechanism that is not existing, it is important to persuade them to the player, and it is one of the parts that are still worried.

Q. As much as I use dice, I think there are many elements that are lucky, but I wonder what is prepared as a device to complement it.

= It is a game where luck acts as a key mechanism, and it is right to embrace the play that depends on luck. At the same time, however, a lot of colleagues are talking about how to control luck. For example, 'Ave' has a fixed side in each order, and 'Road' allows you to throw the dice again except for the surrounding colleagues.

Each character is planning to design the ability around their own messages that each character has about luck. As a result, I plan to make it possible to form a team without variables. Of course, you can increase the number of cases and create a deck that depends on luck. When I played the play test internally, each person's inclination has been divided. I think this is fun.

Q. I wonder how much the number of planets that can be explored, or the number of golden records that can be recovered.

= As it is a log-like game, it plans to have an infinitely repeated structure, and the planets that are flying and causing problems will appear as a 'boss' personality. An example of a planet is an alien-like potato, and a video of human beings eat potatoes through the Golden Records, where social blue occurs.

In the case of this scale planet, three pieces will be prepared until early access, and afterwards, it is still worrying about how to deliver the content to the players in the formal release process. I think I want to show more than five planets.

Q. Although it is a game where repetitive play is the core, is there an ending?

= There is a process that can be called endings from the story of the universe that flows macroscopic, that is, from the time when the main character River is kidnapped by the aliens and the universe to the universe to the elimination of various problems. In terms of gameplay, we plan to see the ending with 20 to 30 runs. Of course, we are preparing to play infinitely after that.

Q. I wonder if there is a special opportunity to reveal the new work through this burning beaver event.

= Our team


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