John Wick's creator will adapt Sifu to the cinema

Derek Holstein, the creator of the John Wick series, works in the script of Sight's cinema adaptation, the Local game, according to the exclusive Deadline.

The production is in charge of Story Kitchen, the company recently founded by Holstein and Dmitri Johnson, also founder of DJ2 Entertainment and producer of other recent adaptations such as Sonic.


It is not known much more about the project, beyond that the history of the celebrated video game will follow and that among its production team there is something like a Dream Team of the video game-cine translations. Johnson, with DJ2, is under adaptations of Tomb Raider, that of It Takes Two recently announced and, yes, the Elysium album that has been in the center of the dispute between the founders of ZA/UM and his current directive. Holstein, meanwhile, also works on a Splinter Cell animation series, for Netflix. But Jeff Ludwig is also here, also a producer of Alan Wake's adaptation for AMC.

The same starting point of the game can lead to a very interesting film, in fact. You know: a guy who seeks to avenge your teacher, killed, and that by magic can resurrect after dying; Every time it resurrects, yes, it is older, so you run the risk of falling before for the age than by the violent attacks of your enemies.

It is a joke: it is easier to die beaten by the hordes of Goons that be besieged at each level, and those that you have to keep knowing your environment well and the ways in which they will attack you but also your possibilities, how far you can get with your martial arts to apply damage without receiving more from the account. We wrote about Sight at the time:

Little by little you learn to control enemies, to know their movements, to calculate the distances; The basic actions' repertoire is transformed into an instrument with which you create the Kung Fu blow sequences necessary to do the maximum damage while elusive or blockade attacks: the omnipresence of the posture bar makes everything add, and the intelligence of the improvements that you can unlock in each game (...) serves as a good guide towards that way of playing that not only leads you to get better results but to enjoy more Sight, the elegance of its brutal combat and the lethal dance that forms when You have to clean a room before moving forward.

Our complete analysis can be read here.


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