Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the last free content update presented

With that sweeping two popular faces back to the world's craziest football league. However, what else does the final impression on fresh food for Mario Strikers: Fight League Football to offer?

With a video, Nintendo exposes the content of the 3rd DLC wave for Mario Strikers.


Fight League Football. This is the last upgrade of this kind.

What's new in the last upgrade to Mario Strikers: Fight League Football?

In addition, there ought to be a new attire for Mario, Joshi and Co. The new stadium, the metro poly arena, also guarantees a brand-new, amazing venue for your games. There is also something on the ears, since the update complements the game with fresh background music.

From December 14th, the additional material of the third upgrade wave will be ready, and we already understand what to anticipate. Unsurprisingly, there are 2 new characters to select from, the fans of the soccer offshoot should currently understand: Bowler Jr. and Bird also desire to go on the Wii and Game cube after their looks on the lawns of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football on the Nintendo Change supply a lot of vertebrae.

Since summer season, Nintendo has been supplying us with complimentary material for Mario Strikers: Fight League Football.

Our test to the most recent Mario Strikers part tells you whether the present offshoot of the Repel kick truly plays in the Champions League, or in a moderate midfield. Last present video: first totally free update


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