There is a Detail We Did Not Expect To See And That Will Appear In The Game.

This Wednesday, we had more advances on both Twitch and YouTube about one of the most anticipated games for 2023 such as Hogwarts Legacy.


In this advance, we could see 35 minutes of sequences captured directly from the game while part of the Avalanche Software team commented what they saw. To review the presentation of the game and enjoy this minute, you can find it in this YouTube link.

Exploration of the open world in a broom

In addition to the huge Hogwarts castle to which we will have to throw many hours to explore it from top to bottom, we can also venture outside the magic school, such as entering the forbidden forest, visiting Hogsmeade, lost villages or other dungeons. The open world map seems very large and to facilitate its exploration, it will be necessary to use mounts such as the broom.

Blood flight

It is possible to get the broom at any time in the open world, and with a fairly fluid animation you can ride it. There will be several broom models, and we can buy them in a specialized store. In the presentation we can see that it is possible to advance normally, accelerate with impulse or even stop. During this exploration, we could see many icons on the map: stores, enemies, dungeons, missions, chests or even chimneys (to teleported by with powders flow).

The other assemblies

In addition to the broom, of course, it will be possible to use other mounts, such as the fantastic animals that we will adopt or even this fabulous hypocrisy, which is the reserve bonus of the game. As a reminder, Hogwarts and its surroundings can be explored through the various stations and a dynamic climate.

Advanced combat and dark magic

It was time for developers to show us more thoroughly how it will be possible to be evil and use dark magic, especially with unforgivable curses. In this exhibition, the combat sand forces of evil (a bonus to buy the Deluxe edition) is used to practice spells such as Arvada Cedar, Cruciate or even the Imperious curse. It is a good way to try this black magic without affecting your story if you don't want to take the paths of evil. In this place of training, you must fight against waves of enemies to gain experience.

The Men.

Presented during the long state of play of Sony, the Men. Player who can then grow ingredients, invent potions or even access their magic greenhouse. There it will be possible to take care of the fantastic animals that we have saved from the claws of the furtive hunters or even decorate our own peace back.

Customize the room to your liking

Animal greenhouse is not the only thing that can be customized! The Men. Objects, size, color... absolutely everything is modifiable. We did not expect this functionality at all.


Thanks to loom, you can change your outfit but above all to improve your team that has several rareness ranges: normal, rare, epic and legendary. Each armor piece can have its own skills. As in the MMO and other role-playing games, it is possible to equip an armor for its skills and statistics, but then use a visible outfit simply for the show.

taking care of fantastic animals

Entering the main greenhouse, we can take care of the fantastic animals that take refuge there. You can brush them, snuggle them, play with them, rename or even feed them. Again, everything is editable, and we can customize this space as best please. By caring for animals, we can receive rare materials.

Final surprise

The last seconds of the presentation were a surprise by the CM. We find the main character finding a mysterious book and being absorbed by him. All our theories on this topic, as well as clear details about the 35 minutes of play, will be available throughout these days.


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