Update nach Horror-Tackle an NFL

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Debt Samuel has suffered a nasty injury in an NFL game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thankfully, he's been taken to hospital and is now recovering. But what is a horror tackle? And what are the consequences of such tackles? Find out more in this article.

With 35: 7, the San Francisco 49ers sent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home on Sunday. However, the NFL video game was at first eclipsed by a horror project around Wide Receiver Debt Samuel. Thankfully, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan currently gave minor all-clear. Towards the end of the first half, Samuel had placed himself as Runner and brought the egg into the fray. There Bus player Rake em Nunez-Roches put the take on and fell on the lower leg of the 49ers star.

Samuel twisted his ankle and even faltered with pain. It was right away clear that more had occurred here. After a brief treatment, Samuel was driven off the pitch with the Medicare. Practically his entire group concerned Samuel to provide him courage. The pass receiver was brought into the catacombs in tears. Currently, throughout the 2nd half there were reports that Samuel was very lucky. The very first tests would not have shown a structural injury. Head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed this after the game. Samuel's injury should most likely be a high-clay sprain, that is, a strong sprain of the ankle. The downtime is approximated to be 4 to 6 weeks. Samuel would be in shape again with the playoffs that begin in five weeks.

Mr. Irrelevant puts NFL legend in the shade

Due to the fast all-clear, the state of mind at San Francisco might have been even better than it currently has.


The winning success against the Bus was not only an ordinary NFL triumph, it had a lot more to use. The debut by Brock Purdy is naturally at the top. The young quarterback, which was unimportant as Mr., that is, as the last-elected gamer in the draft, headlines, is the beginning quarters back after the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo. In his very first video game right from the start, he was not handling anyone else as a superstar Tom Brady. Purdy decided more than plainly for itself. He just pertained to 185 lawns, however tossed 2 touchdowns and was another self. Brady, on the other hand, only had one touchdown and 2 interceptions. Especially after the old master was slightly injured by the hand, he ended up being significantly uncertain and neglected some complimentary tosses.


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