What Is The Two Point Campus Guide?

Fluffboro-the sixth campus that players will face in the Two Point campus. This campus will monitor the struggle to become an authoritative campus from scratch in a hot climatic region. Players should use available cooling items to cope with an extreme climate. At the same time performing tasks to achieve a three-star campus rating. We still have a lot to discuss, but in this leadership we have collected everything you need to take care to get a three-star rating for Clifford in the Two Point campus.

how to unlock the Clifford

Unlocking Fluffier is an easy task, since players only need to get a rating of one star in a slightly confusing game. NOTED CAMPUS. As soon as you reach this rating, you will unlock the Fluffier as well as Spyffinmur. At the beginning of this campus, players will receive $250,000, which will be their initial budget. Although this amount may seem enough, your expenses will quickly increase, given the construction and modernization that players will have to perform throughout the campus.

Fluffier courses

Despite the fact that Fluffier is in a zone with a hot climate, it will be focused on sports. Therefore, the course of academic exercises will enter the game. This course is necessary, given that Chisel will play in the favorite sport of the district throughout the year, and competitions will be held from time to time. In addition, as in other campuses, the more points you score, the more courses from other campuses you can purchase.

How to complete the star tasks of the Fluffier

Each star rating has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled to help your campus become a 3-star campus. Although some of these tasks will be quite easy, some will require players to effectively develop a strategy for faster and best results. The fulfillment of each requirement will reward you with something and will take you one step closer to the next rating level.

rating 1 star

Complete 1 marketing Cameron Players will be informed about the marketing campaign when they get an idea of the campus. The beginning of your marketing campaign should pass normally if you clearly understand the process. However, if you forgot the process, then this is quite easy. Build a room for marketing purposes, and it will become your marketing office. Then hire an employee specializing in marketing, and this will become the beginning of your marketing campaign. 30 A GRADE Academic Kendal classes Players must build two private training rooms to fulfill this goal. In the end, you will notice that the number of students attending these training sessions is increasing, which will help you automatically complete classes for classes. Suppose students do not attend these classes automatically. In this case, you can view the statistics of your students and add to the training centers those who scored fewer points. 5 rooms on the 5th floor An increase in the level of rooms may seem tedious. However, this is an easier task from the set. All that is required of you is to increase the prestige of numbers. You can increase prestige by building large hostels and increasing the number of staff rooms. Then you can add everyday household items to these rooms, such as disinfectants for hand and air conditioners. Win Hog port ports in Cheeseball As in many other competitions, to win the Cheeseball competition against Hog sport Port hogs, players must make sure that their students scored an average score with an academic exercise course. If your students receive low grades, you are wondering why. Either their level of happiness is low, or the hired teaching staff is not sufficiently qualified. To increase their happiness, you can add various forms of entertainment on the territory of the campus. On the contrary, the solution to other problems is to hire a sufficiently qualified personnel. After completing all these tasks, the players receive upper etching and Lubberly ruins.

2-Star rating goals

Campus Level 20 After completing 1-star rating tasks, players will already be at a level close to 20. To achieve these last several levels, you can place items of convenience throughout the campus, for example, add disinfectants for hand products and posters to all other rooms. In addition, you must also build medical and pastoral rooms, as they will help improve students care, and also help you rise above 20th level. Average student hygiene 75% Hygiene is a serious problem in Fluffier, therefore, in order to maintain hygiene level at an acceptable level, preferably above 75%, you need to start with small steps. Install disinfectants for hands outside each class, teacher and dormitory.

Place a lot of garbage tanks throughout the campus and hire several cleaners, if possible.


These steps will help to provide hygiene level close to 75%. You can take another step forward by setting air conditioners throughout the campus, increasing the level of hygiene, since the campus is in a scorch climate. Average rating for academic exercises You can use several ways to increase the assessments of your students if you want to get an average assessment A for the academic task. First, make sure that the faculties and funds provided to students are first-class. You can do this by investing in your classes and updating them, adding resources convenient for students. Secondly, you can train the current teachers you hired, or hire more qualified. This will certainly increase the average score of your students. Defeat Flemington Floodwaters in Cheeseball Using the same method as before, you can defeat Flemington Globetrotters. Upon completion of all these tasks, players will be rewarded with the Board of Tactics and Kudos for $100,000/150.

rating 3 stars

20 graduates of class A+ If you maintain a good level of happiness in the campus, this task is relatively simple. The next step should be the hiring of more qualified teachers for the school. So, if your students are struggling to get assessments a, focus on increasing their level of happiness and updating your teachers and classes, adding private training rooms. Monthly profit $50,000 An increase in monthly profit depends on the number of students studying in the campus. There are different ways to increase this number. Firstly, the offer of more courses when updating existing will be a great way to attract new students to the campus. In addition, you can also include various sports facilities that will act as an attractive feature. To achieve this number faster, you can dismiss several employees and re-hire them as soon as your goal is achieved. The average happiness of students is 70% To date, the players have to learn this to increase the happiness of your student; You must focus on ensuring a sufficient amount of entertainment on the territory of the campus. In addition, you can use cheese balls in your interests, since their victory will increase the level of happiness of your students. Defeat Megakommande Rambo in Cheeseball This last match of Cheeseball can be won in the same way as the previous two, if your students receive quite high marks on the course of academic exercises. After completing all these tasks, players will be rewarded with a cheese cup, as well as $150,000 and 200 kudos. Finally, these are some tips that will help you on your journey. Since Fluffier is in a hotter region, players will need to install airplane. This will not only help cool classes, but also help to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene in the campus. When you start work in this campus, your priority should be the beginning of a marketing campaign.

This will give you a head start in reaching a 1-star rating, which will allow you to work on the next rating much faster.


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