Xbox mentions that PlayStation has five times more exclusive

The dispute is currently being carried out so that Xbox cannot buy Blizzard Activision, since Microsoft would be staying with one of the most famous video games, Call of Duty. And now, it is said that that is why the agreement is being specified, since PlayStation would have surpassed them with the exclusive. According to reports, Microsoft president Brad Smith comments on a shareholders meeting stating that the company promised the FTC an agreement that legally guarantees that Call of Duty remains on rival platforms. For its part, Smith states that PlayStation controls 286 exclusive games, while Xbox only has 59, although it is not clear how the numbers were found. Smith says that a judge will have to decide whether to go from 59 to 60 is such a great danger to the competition that it should prevent this acquisition from progressing. Although it is strange that this treatment of an exclusive, since Activision has many IPS under the sleeve.

In news related to Xbox's treatment with Blizzard Activision.


It was recently confirmed that Phil Spencer made the comment that PlayStation wants to grow by reducing the size of the Microsoft games division. If you want to know more in relation to the subject, we invite you to click on the following link. Via: Games radar Editor's note: Once again, hopefully this matter is already over, it is already an annoying to see new news that seems like a gossip program. Please, the treatment is over soon, whether it is approved or refused, it doesn't matter.


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