1.Save €1000 - Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN85B with 120 Hz, 4K and HDMI 2.1 Now Available at Amazon!

The Samsung Neo LED 4K QN85B not only uses an excellent 4K resolution and fluid 120 Hz, however also variable refresh rate (VRR) and also HDMI 2.1. At the moment you get the 75-inch TV by a massive 53% at Amazon As opposed to the usual EUR 3799, you now just pay 1799 euros. Order the Samsung Neo 4K LED on Amazon.com.

experiences pc gaming like never ever before

PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Collection X use the most current technological standards to bring your video gaming experience to the following level on the couch. But in order to be able to fully manipulate them, the appropriate television set is also required. Many thanks to the mix of 4K resolution as well as 120 Hz refresh price, the Samsung Neo LED 4K QN85B supplies an impressive video gaming efficiency. That's not all: the television additionally sustains variable refresh rate (VRR), which implies that it can automatically adapt its refresh price to the respective game. This creates fewer bents and tearing effects that can interrupt the pc gaming experience. As well as many thanks to the HDMI 2.1 interface, games on the Samsung Neo LED 4K QN85B come to be even extra reaction-fast and fluid, since the transmission of signals between the video game and the TV console comes to be even faster as well as more reliable.

What is Neo LED? The distinction in between Neo LED as well as LED hinges on the means the image is produced on the screen. For LED Televisions, nanoparticles are made use of to filter the light and produce the shades on the display. NEO LED TELEVISION, on the other hand, make use of a so-called mini LED backlight, in which thousands of little LEDs can regulate the light and therefore produce a far better brightness and different problems.


NEO LED TV consequently usually supply an even much better photo with much more specific colors as well as a higher comparison extent contrasted to LED TVs. The technological details at an overview Buy the Samsung Neo 4K LED at Amazon.com currently

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