China: No Major Roadblocks Expected to Block Activision Blizzard + Microsoft Merger

The desired merger in between Activision Blizzard and Microsoft should not experience major hurdles in China.

In a post (Paywall) from Equity Report from December, 2 Chinese antitrust rights partners who advise video game business internationally.


The user Ida's from the Forester online forum summed up the points. Appropriately, China and Microsoft keep excellent business relationships. This might be practical in the choice, but one excludes any political influence. Tencent is the view of the one cartel partner in big sufficient to make up for a reduction in the competition, while the other takes the view that Tencent will not have any effects and the market leader will stay. Apparently the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft does not seem to cause a lot of interest. So a partner said that he usually got calls from his clients with such a large deal. However, he didn't get a single require that.


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