Discover 33 Pre-Au Sem-Au Statues in Hogwarts Legacy to Unlock Alohomora | Hogwarts Legacy

33 in number through the video game, the statues of Demise are essential in Hogwarts Legacy. It is possible to find in different areas and are essential in order to finish the game 100%. By recuperating their moon to offer them to Glad win Moon, it is possible to ameliorate Alhambra to statue to greater level locks. Direction Pré-au-lalard to discover Demise Statues.

List and place of pre-au-laz

The fatigue statues are a bit unique if they are needed to improve the Alhambra spell. The moons which hold can just be recuperated at night, therefore asking to date this moment, or to force it from the card.

Tomes and parchment

In the volume and scroll store, pass behind the merchant to discover the statue and a chest.


In a home behind the Hollander shop, go up to lecture after opening the Rang 2 door.


Boar's head

The statue remains in the space behind the merchant.


Beside the Pippin Pips shop is a house with a row 2 lock. The statue remains in the leather.

The 3 brooms

A ledge of the three brooms, behind a door of row 1.


Opposite the main slowness of the 3 brooms is a house with a row 1 lock. The statue remains in the leather.


Chiffon's adjacent shop, dervish and bangs hides a statue.


Northeast of the city, on the hill, a door with a row 1 lock contains a statue.


In front of the Pique & Peck shop, simply before the bridge, a house with a row 1 lock.


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