FC Bayern Announces Loan Of Goalkeeper Talent To SK Austria Klagenfurt

It is not trick that FC Bayern and the Austrian Bundesliga club SK Austria Klagenfurt have a friendly relationship. However, the German football record champions presented the loan of a goalkeeper skill to Lake Wörthersee-and now repercussions. At the beginning of 2022, FC Bayern with Shaoziyang Liu signed an appealing young goalkeeper from the Chinese club Wuhan 3 Towns. Because the 19-year-old in Munich had little prospect of fast objectives on profound people, Liu was granted to Klagenfurt shortly afterwards till summer season 2023. A relocation that did not bring the desired success. On Saturday, FC Bayern revealed that the loan engagement had actually been ended too soon, Liu would instead spend the rest of the season with the Austrian 2nd division club Grazer AK. Probably likewise, considering that Liu did not play for the professionals in Klagenfurt. The Chinese was only on the yard 13 times for the junior varsity, however finally he had to be pleased with the reservist role even there. In any case, Klagenfurt has not shown to be the best surface for the Bavaria Youngster. With the two central midfielder Daniel Francis and Emilia Met, two other gamers from the youngsters of the Munich group remain in line with the Austrians by summer 2023.


Met has played two minutes up until now, Francis is still awaiting his professional launching.

Times loan brought FC Bayern half a million

It went better in 2021/22 for the Swedes Alex Times Andersson, who persuaded in Klagenfurt and was eventually sold by Bayern for half a million euros to the Dutch club SC Heerenveen.

Even if Liu and Co. have no similar success story this season, further loaning between the clubs should follow. If the constellation develops in the future that FC Bayern will provide young talented people and assist to assist more video game practice at a good level, we are always open to discussions, as a friendly and very trusting relationship has built up over time, stressed Austria handling director Harald Gartner at the end of February 2022 compared to the kicker.


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