Gala Games Expands Mobile Game Portfolio with Acquisition of Amber Entertainment

Blockchain Game Platform Gala Games announced on the 14th that it has acquired EMBER Entertainment (EMBER). With the acquisition of Amber, the Gala Games enabled the company to enhance the publishing capabilities and expand the game portfolio.

Amber is a mobile game developer founded in 2011.


It showed 15 kinds of games, including Meow Match, Dragon Strike, and Dragon stone. Amber has recorded 20 million users and $100 million in sales.

The Gala Games plans to board Amber's games on the reader game-only blockchain Jeri. First, Meow Match and Dragon Strike will be on board in the first half of this year. In the onboard process, all cats owned by users of a meow match become digital assets. Dragon Strike can use the Scroll of minting to convert the in-game hero character to an alternative token (NFT).

Gala Games will build a mobile game portfolio in earnest, starting with the acquisition of Amber. Gala Games announced the roadmap in the entertainment business such as games, music, and movies on the 2nd and announced that it will support cross-platforms or mobile play for 26 games in the future. In addition, the company is developing PC and mobile multi-platform games with domestic game developers, Entry and Universe.

We are happy to be with Amber Entertainment, said Eric Show Meyer Gala Games founder. I'll.

Gala Games, meanwhile, is a subsidiary of Gala (GALA), the world's largest blockchain entertainment company. In addition to the Gala Games, Gala is also expanding the blockchain ecosystem based on the blockchain music platform, Gala Music and the movie platform Gala film.


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