How to Find a Chainsaw in Son of the Forest - Explore, Gather Resources, and Craft Weapons

In the Boy of the Woodland you can explore the map and accumulate numerous products as well as resources for the manufacture of tools and the building of buildings. A chainsaw is just one of the items that you will certainly discover in the game, and it can be used for a much faster cutting of trees. Right here's just how to discover a chainsaw in Boys of the Forest

where to find a chainsaw in Boys of the Woodland.

The chainsaw lies on the item at the central green point on the western side of the map. This coincides place where you will locate a visitor crucial map, and you will require to use this card to access the area with a chainsaw. You can see the yellow circle as well as the arrowhead on the GPS on the photo of the map greater to see the specific area of the entry to this object.


Bear in mind that you require to have a crucial card to go inside the things. Having actually received a guest-key card, stand into the space with the swimming pool as well as check out the door on the ideal side. Utilize a guest-key card to open the space and also go along the passage. From here you need to visit the space of the cinema.

The chainsaw is kept on the remains before the movie theater. Having actually gathered this item, return to the passage from where you came from, as well as get in the door on the right side of the space to swiftly obtain out of the cave. Although this is not the very best weapon in the game, the chainsaw is extraordinary when it pertains to reducing trees for firewood. You can cut down huge trees in an issue of secs, and this will permit you to develop structures much faster. Inside the object's cave there are other rooms that can be opened making use of different maps. If you have a VIP key, you can open an additional door on this things in which ammo is hidden. Desire to understand how to explore the shovel cave in Children of the Woodland? Locate out exactly how to obtain a riser in the Son of the Forest and also how to obtain a rope and a rope weapon in the Boy of the Woodland in expert game guidelines.


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