How to Get Merlin's Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy - Exploring Character Settings for Maximum Customization

Hogwarts Legacy offers players a huge open world and several customizable functions. Using the character settings menu, you can change the clothes of your avatar, a mask, a headdress, a cloak and much more. Here is a guide on how to purchase and equip Merlin's cloak.

How to get a Merlin's cloak in the Hogwarts Heritage

Merlins Cloak is an exclusive time limited time for viewing for players who watch the broadcasts of the game developers in early access and on the day of launch on Twitch. Since the broadcast of early access has already been completed, the only way to get Merlin’s cloak now is to see the broadcast of the Hogwarts Heritage launch.


Twitch Avalanchekanal is included on February 10 at 8:00 Pacific time. To get this Twitch Drop, you need to watch a live broadcast of at least 20 minutes. As soon as this is done, click on the icon of your profile on Twitch and go to the Drops & Rewards section.

From there you can get Merlin’s cloak for Hogwarts's heritage. To be able to use this equipment in the game, you need to connect your WB Games profile to your Twitch account.

How to put on a Merlin cloak in the game Heritage of Hogwarts

In the pause menu, select the mechanism and insert the cursor on the raincoats and robes tab now select the appearance and put on the Merlin cloak from the collection section. Merlin's cloak is just the appearance of any cloak that you wear, not a separate item.

All Twitch Drops for Hogwarts Legacy

The next four awards can be obtained for Hogwarts's Heritage, watching Twitch streamers using Drops enabled tags in their direct broadcasts: Silver glasses with the eyes of the dragon: facial clothing is unlocked after 30 minutes. Hedgehog hat: The headdress is unlocked after 60 minutes. Karin scarf with lightning: ties open after 90 minutes. Lilac ensemble: The equipment is unlocked in the 120th minute. Stay with us in Pro Game Guides to learn more about Hogwarts's legacy. In the meantime, go to our article on how to change your patrons in the magical world (Potter more).


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