How to Kill Sluggy in Sons of the Forest | Tips and Strategies for Defeating the Disgusting Mutant

While you play Sons of the Forest, the recently released sequel to The Forest, you can find a disgusting-looking mutant while you explore any of the caves on the map. He is great, has a drop-shaped shape and probably smells like rot in the microwave. This mutant is literally trapped between the sword and the wall, which means that you probably want to know what is behind the drop-shaped creature.

If you are wondering how to kill Sludgy in Sons of the Forest and get away from him to see him for yourself, keep reading next.

Kill Sludgy at Sons of the Forest

To locate Sludgy, you must enter a cave anywhere in your map and look for walls that have cracks. You can notice that there is a giant mutant trapped within one, which means that she has found Sludgy. Fortunately, Sludgy is quite easy to kill despite his horrible appearance. Everything you need to kill Sludgy is to approach him while he is housed between an opening in a cave. Do not get too close since you are going to throw an explosive. Image source: end night through You can use any explosive against Sludgy to kill it, so do it. By killing him, he can not only advance for the passage he had been blocked previously, but will also receive an achievement entitled Piñata to congratulate his efforts.


If you and your friends are in multiplayer mode, everyone will get the achievement for killing Sludgy whenever they are close enough where he exploded. That is all you need to know how to kill Sludgy in Sons of the Forest, so enters those caves and exploits the monstrosity that is this bubble-shaped mutant. If you want to see any related content, just look at some similar items or return to the website's home page to get more games and news guides. Related Posts How to get a compound arc in Sons of the Forest Is Timmy at Sons of the Forest? Answered How to build a matanoscas trap in Sons of the Forest How to get the revolver in Sons of the Forest The best base location in Sons of the Forest


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