Overwatch 2 Announces Changes To Skins And Currency - Here's What You Need To Know

It is no secret that when Overwatch 2 was released, many players complained about changes in the game currency and how to get new skins. In the franchise title of the franchise, it was enough to win games to have loot boxes hoping to get a new skin or coin to store. In Overwatch 2, however, the situation changed: the credit accumulation system to redeem items was removed from the game. But according to the studio's last note on the game's official blog, players will learn about a new credit system that will progressively work.


To start Overwatch 2 season 3, Blizzard has announced that it will introduce the Overwatch credits.


This system, which already existed in the first game, but was known as Legacy Credits. This time, however, players will be entitled to 2,000 credits to redeem rewards through the progression of the current battle pass.

Previously, it was possible to get skins, speeches and sprays through the boxes and rewards that came after the games. With the various criticisms made in relation to the new Overwatch 2 currency system, the developers said they chose to return to a more traditional items model. It is not only the economic system of Overwatch 2 that will change. From Feuary 7, the number of victories required to have their updated classification will be 5, while 15 losses will be needed for the user to see their new ranking. In addition, there is also the possibility of seeing improvements from the game interface, but this will only be available in season 4.


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