Path Of Exile's 2023 Plans: Everything You Need To Know About ExileCon And Beyond


Things first: Exile 2023 will be taking location July 30th and 29th in Auckland, New Zealand where Grinding Equipment Games is based. The very first Exile occurred in 2019 and saw GGG reveal Path of Exile 2, and the designer is promising more updates on that front, as well as unveiling Growth 3.22 and news on Path of Exile Mobile.

You can take a look at the full information on the Path of Exile site. We were able to go hands-on with Path of Exile 2 during Exile 2019 and at the time it already felt pretty excellent.

Grinding Equipment Games is slated to have a big 2023 with its upcoming expansions to Path of Exile, along with the return of its fan event in Auckland, New Zealand. The developer has actually detailed a few of what-and when-players can expect to see the next couple of growths in addition to when the occasion will take place.

Before that, though, there requires being an expansion 3.21, right? Well, Grinding Gear Games has you covered. Path of Exile's next expansion must strike in April, meaning that the existing Forbidden Sanctum challenge league will be running longer than normal. GGG describes that this is so that they can tinker with some ideas for the upcoming growth, in addition to have it strike alongside their timing strategies for Exile.


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