Turtle Beach Stealth 700 GEN2 MAX Wireless: An Optimized Gaming Headset for Gamers Wearing Glasses

My favorite part of Turtle Coastline's headset is the Potential customer ™ system. It is a patented modern technology of turtle coastline that makes the headset as well as glasses that are hardly pushed by gamers putting on glasses.

■ Examination of fit and listening. In the situation of the Turtle Coastline Stealth 700 Gen2 MAX wireless headset, the outstanding memory foam ear pillow with Prospects GLASSES Alleviation System was not inconvenient to put on for a lengthy time while wearing glasses by soothing the stress on the left and.


In particular, thanks to the vehicle driver system of multijoint style relocating up and down, the item's close degree of adhesion was as well burdensome or too loosened. The headband can likewise be boosted by 32 mm each, so most of the gamers with various physical problem can be utilized.

I got in touch with the headquarters manager as well as asked when the country was launched when I listened to about this item from abroad. I offered up since I was not scheduled, but I asked when a boss pertained to 2022 G-Star. Furthermore, I was delighted to get the solution to wintertime. The headset, which resembles this, ultimately tossed out the mark in Korea. ' Turtle Beach Stealth 700 GEN2 MAX Wireless Headset (hereinafter described as Turtle Coastline Stealth 700 Gen2 MAX)'.

If you want top quality cordless gaming headsets, 'Turtle Coastline Stealth 700 Gen2 Max' is absolutely worth keeping in mind. Hexagon, that's a massive hexagonal version. In addition, if you are an individual that prevented the headset as a result of the pain brought on by the ears of gamers that use glasses, glasses as well as headsets, the value is greater.

■ End up.

Paying attention examinations were linked to the 2 tools that are mostly utilized. The computer was linked to a specialized USB wireless receiver, and also the smartphone was connected by Bluetooth.

No issue just how much modern technology has created, there is no product with the triple-beats listed over among the existing wireless headsets. The headset, which hosted likely to completion of the repayment, passes via the head, since the factor for not choosing was that the headband was untrusted and also narrow.

The ear pads were designed with an over-ear layout that covered the ears, so I can really feel the advantages of a shut headset that blocked outside audios.

On top of that, as a product of a company concentrating on sound tools, it was feasible to listen to a well-balanced noise without any defect from the bass to the treble. There was no helpful component such as a cordless decline or white noise.

Considering the design and detailed info of the item, Oh, I have to buy this item.. I assume there was a fair bit, but the finish appeared to have not been great. Yet Turtle Coastline Stealth 700 Gen2 max did not betray me. The product was regrettably thought of in the product introduced last year, as well as it was resolved in the 2nd generation official details.

Wireless, microphone performance, as well as convenience.

Turtle Coastline Stealth 700 GEN2 MAX is geared up with a 50 mm nonnuclear audio speaker tuned to match the video game, like the audio tools business. Many thanks to this, you can appreciate the practical audio that is optimized for the video game. It likewise supports sustainable billing batteries for more than 40 hours and can be quickly billed with a USB-C cord. The new kind of turtle beach Profit ™ cooling gel is infused, so it allows you to play video games for a long period of time in an extra pleasant environment.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 GEN2 MAX is a wireless gaming headset designed to maximize the console environment such as PlayStation by means of cordless USB or Bluetooth. It is a premium product line that can be attached without hold-up.

■ Product appearance.

■ Box look as well as product make-up.

Furthermore, while the microphone was turned on, the microphone surveillance feature was additionally fun to pay attention to my voice plainly through the headset. It was also excellent to change the instant microphone quantity. Above all, despite the fact that there was no separate sound canceling feature during the call, I can validate that I heard it extremely plainly, so I was convinced that my initiatives were not fruitless because in 2015.

Turtle Beach's 'Superhuman Listening to' function allows you to make the most of the video game at a definitive minute. Turtle Coastline's Superhuman Hearing is a feature that allows you to customize the sound that sounds little and also carefully as the actual hearing of the superhuman's auditory.

The microphone performance that gamers think is not so wonderful. The surrounding sound is lessened, and I wish to hear what I say clearly. In words, these easy material is not well carried out in expensive wireless headsets. Some items are eaten by the individual's noise because it reduces the sound as well a lot.


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