Unlock Secret Buildings and Caches to Get Valuable Awards in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ Using the Key of the ABF Antiquets Office in a Demilitarized Zone

In Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ, players can unlock secret buildings and caches to get valuable awards. Although prey in these places is always not guaranteed, it is better to check them if you have their key. Here is a guide on where you can find the ABF Antiquities Office in War zone 2 DMZ.

location of the ABF Antiques office in a demilitarized zone

The ABF Anti Office is a small room located in the Alabama fortress, which is located on the island in the southern part of Asmara at the very bottom of the tactical map.


After you enter the fortress from the main entrance, you will find a statue of a horseman, behind which there will be a building with a blue dome upstairs (the second image). Enter this structure, climb the stairs on the right and go up to the third room. This will be the ABF antiquity management, also designated by an arrow in the third image.

It is not so easy to get to this secret cache, since the fortress is guarded by numerous A soldiers. Be sure to destroy all the bots in your path, or you can just drive to the building of the palace. Inside the management of antiquities, you will find an orange chest with supplies, a sports bag and equipment among other possible production items. Stay with us in the professional guide guides to find out more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2. In the meantime, read our article about the 2nd season of DMZ, adding a new map, boss, fractions mission and a reset of progress.


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