Explore Unique Locations and Find Special Items with 3D Printing in the UK's Sons of the Forest

In the Sons of the Forest there are several locations for 3D printer, each of which has special items in the corresponding caves or bunkers. Each of them has exactly the same items that can be printed from them, therefore, while one place has been found, players do not need to worry about finding them all. Of course, it is always nice to have arrows printed on a 3D printer, and a journey to the same can be tiring. Here are all the locations of 3D printers and the fact that players will need to get inside.

Where are all 3D printers in Sons of the Forest?

The first 3D image, which the players are likely to encounter, is located near the cave, where players receive a rope gun and a waterfall next to an electric shock baton. This place does not require any equipment and can be available even at the beginning of the game.


Its location can be found using a green marker over the first two on the beach, and it will have a door that can only be opened with a key card. Items that can be made will always be the same for each 3D printer, but in this room there is a resin for printing, a place for sleep and batteries that may appear inside the containers.

Another 3D printer can be found inside the maintenance and the hopper after you dug the nearest extreme left green marker from the starter beach. This requires the players to receive a shovel of which requires both the rope gun and the riser to get. Inside you can also find the key card of service. Related: The best weapon of close combat in the Son of the Forest-all the weapons of the near battle, the rating Maintenance Bunker is a place where you can find the next 3D printer, as well as composite onions. This requires a shovel, as in another bunker. The last 3D printer is on the other side of the mountain, and for its passage it is required that the players have all the cards-key cards. A large lake is the easiest landmark for its search, but the green marker is not visible until the players are closer to this side of the island. As the plot passes, the players will have to come here for several objects, including for the best weapons of close combat in the game. To learn more about the location of the items, get acquainted with the sections How to get a fire ax in Sons of the Forest or How to find a shotgun at Sons of the Forest in the game guidelines for professionals.


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