Find All Special Salespeople and Collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy some traders have distinct stores they get and, most significantly, market different kinds of things. These traders have more products than the towns, as they have remedies, plants and frequently cabbage cabins as well as mandrakes. But most of all the one-of-a-kind ooms of mops in your possession that should fascinate you, if you intend to finish your collection and also get the prize connected with it, add several galleons, as these products are expensive.

Where can I locate traders?

As opposed to what your name may recommend, these traders are taken care of. The only trouble is generally finding them, as they do not have symbol on the map.

Make use of the opposite for their symbol to show up on the video game display, only one of them has special conditions connected to their look.



This cubicle merchant is originally an objectives' delivery man, in the village a little more north. You need to finish your objective by saving your cart so that it can fit right before the idge. He markets the Silver Arrow mop, for 5,000 galleons.

Leopold Babcock

This vendor is mounted east of Hogsmeade, before a huge red tent that instantly opens as you come close to. If you have flipped, it is accompanied by cows that you can turn. He offers Aerial Scythe Mop for 5,000 galleons.

Priya Tread well

This merchant lies southern of the main map, not much from Flew north of the overload. It additionally makes use of a big red tent, which is very easy to detect. She offers the household relic mop, for 2500 galleons.


The last seller is concealing in the second component of the globe map, right in the Southeast. You will certainly need to get the demons tunnel to arrive, after that take into consideration turning on a flu later. Like his colleagues, he makes use of a folding red camping tent. He markets Necromancer mop for 3,000 galleons.


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