How to Defend Against Invaders in WO Long: Fallen Dynasty – Tips for Applying the Eye for an Eye Approach

While players prepare to enter the battlefields of TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, it is important to remember that it will have some similarities with the Souls games. That means challenging enemies, tortuous traps and the occasional invader. For players who hope to improve and learn how to defend themselves from the invaders in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty and get the trophy or achievement eye for an eye, this is what you need to know.

Defend the invaders in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

The invasion mechanics will be familiar for Souls veterans, and in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, continues to bring problems. Beyond other players invading your game if you allow it to happen, there will be certain junctures in which the invaders of AI will also try to overcome you.


The game will indicate when an invader has entered your session and its only goal is to eliminate you, the host player, in exchange for rewards. While defending this invasion, it is essential to be in the best possible way, so eliminate all resistance around it and address a defense position. This means getting up high and keeping your obstacle free environment so that you can see exactly what is coming. Once your invader is in sight, it becomes a mortal dance. The invader is likely to take time to evaluate you, so if you have AI companions, be sure to encourage them so that they can fight the opponent in your name. Otherwise, begin with some sharp blows, preferably with a weapon that has a certain scope, and see how the invader reacts. If they are good to divert, you might adopt the same approach.

If they are given badly, it is a signal for you to be aggressive and attack your gauge spirit with martial arts and combos. Image Source: Goa Team through It is likely that not all players are completely up-to-date with the five phases of the sorcery, so it can also be an advantage if you have statistics high enough. It only remembers, the wood counteracts the Earth, the Earth counteracts the water, the water expires to the fire, the fire gains the metal and the metal counteract to the wood. There are a couple of spells that can inflict a lot of distance damage and inflict state effects to weaken your opponent, so you can always try. He fights aggressively and with us defensive, and it is likely that you get victorious against an opponent who rushes without thinking. Do it 10 times and the trophy/achievement will be yours. That is all you need to know about how to defend the invaders in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty. To get more help on the game, be sure to consult the related content below; Otherwise, you can search. Related Posts TO Long: Fallen Dynasty has a cross game? Answered All sorcery spells in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty How to update Dragons Cure Pot to cure more health in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty How to guarantee successful fatal attacks every time in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty All divine beasts in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty


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